Caris | Artistic Director/ Salon Owner

How long have you been a stylist?

I’m losing count – 17 Years. I first started as a Saturday girl whilst I was still at school, that is when I found my love and passion for hair.

Which styles or colours do you absolutely love doing/are you renowned for?

Oh, this is hard. I get asked the question some many times by guests, for colours I would say foiling. This technique can look so different from colour choices, weave and specific foil placement. It’s so much more than ‘just’ highlights. Cutting – It’s got to be a bob, classic or a spin on it – I love them.

Why do you love doing these styles/colours?

I LOVE putting my knowledge and creativity to work to make someone feel amazing- it’s the most rewarding feeling. Hairdressing is all about precision and patience!

What do you love about being a hairdresser/ what inspired you to become a hairdresser?

I love how different and varied my day can be. Creating beautiful colours and structured cuts, all whilst having interesting chats with my guests. Seeing them walking out beaming with a smile and oozing with confidence is priceless.

Which celebrity hair would you like to get your hands on and why? What would you do to their hair?

Oh, so many choices. Hmm, I think I would have to go with Scarlett Johansson. She seems to be a very versatile actress. She has the perfect skin complexion and carries off any hair colour and style. I would perfect her milky blonde then change her to a rich chocolate brown with soft caramel framing around the hairline.

Who or what inspires you to create fabulous hair?

I am more of a Pinterest kind of person and love to find stunning colours and styles. I study a picture taking in every detail and visually map out my plan on how to get there. This is why hairdressing is so unique and personal.

If you had to live on a desert island, which three products would you take with you?

Has to be the super skinny serum. Who doesn’t want a hydrating smoothing product that smells divine?

Shampoo two, thre best deep cleanser.

Dynamic skin recovery – can’t live without a moisturizer. Contains SPF 50 so perfect for that desert island in the sun.

What is your ultimate ambition?

My ultimate ambition is to focus on Mojos as a team and growing my business whilst keeping our fun team spirit going along the way. I love my holidays!! So we are taking our time visiting the new ancient wonders of the world – 1 down 6 to go!

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Ambitious, creative and a perfectionist!