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Advanced Hair Colouring Techniques at Mojo's Hair Salon in Chorley 

In need of a hair update but not sure where to start? We provide the highest standards when it comes to creative hair colouring, making Mojo's one of Chorley's top hairdressing salons. Our expert stylists are highly trained in the art of colouring hair & we use the best products alongside the latest techniques to provide you with a stunning hair colour you’ll love!

Balayage, ombré, root stretch, foilayage, babylights, reverse balayage, melting, smudging. Confused? Knowing what to ask for when you fancy a new hair colour can be daunting, but do not fear - our Chorley colour experts are here to help!

Read on to find out about all those colouring techniques you've heard of but aren't quite sure what they are...

Please note: At Mojo’s, our guests’ well-being is paramount. For your safety, we insist on carrying out a skin test 48 hours prior to colouring services.

colour melt hair colour at mojo hair salon in Chorley


One of the most asked for fashionable hair colour trends in our Chorley hair salon is root stretch colour. Root stretch is a modern colouring technique offering a soft graduation of colour normally with 3 or more similar colours being overlapped to give a seamless flow of colour. Your root colour is expertly dragged or smudged into another similar colour from the roots all the way to the ends of your hair so your colour looks naturally blended. The variation and blend of colour mean regrowth lines are softer and less noticeable as the colour fades and grows out.

Colour melt hair can be low maintenance if you opt for natural shades of brown and blonde, however, bright, vivid hair colours that are different to your natural root colour will require more regular top-ups. This look is ideal for those who enjoy having a lighter hair colour but hate the harsh re growth lines that you get from traditional highlights.

Bring along screenshots of colours you love and of those you don’t! This will help your colour technician decide on the most suitable tones & techniques for you.

Foil highlights at mojo hair salon in Chorley


What is foilayage hair colour we hear you ask! Foilayage is the newest colouring technique to achieve perfect sun kissed highlights.  Your skilled Mojo hair colour specialist will expertly combine a traditional balayage with foil highlights to achieve a brighter, fresh look. Often placed around the front hairline to frame the face and define your features this must have colour is cool, stylish and very much on trend.

These flattering highlights are weaved very finely or hand painted directly onto the hair (no more stripey highlights - win win!) to give multi-dimensional colour. Your root colour isn't coloured meaning a more natural look. Better still, this colour looks just as fantastic grown out as it does freshly done in the salon.

We have gained a reputation as being the best hair colour specialists in Chorley - read our 5 star salon reviews here to see why.

blonde highlights with slightly darker roots at mojo hair salon in Chorley


Our hair colour experts at Mojo can lift your hair colour by scattering some bespoke baby highlights. Babylights are super fine streaks of colour that aim to give the effect as if your hair has been kissed by the sun. Brunettes look fabulous with red or caramel babylights which can be added to sections where your hair catches the light to show off your beautiful new colour, while blondes look great with cool ash blonde tones babylights.

Babylight highlights work well if you want a bright fashion shade such as blue, orange and purple or why not try some strategically placed blonde highlights with slightly darker roots, or creamy blonde babylights?

Rest assured, we will create a beautiful hair colour to show off your haircut and personal style - book in for a complimentary hair colour consultation at your favourite Chorley hairdressers and transform your dull, lack lustre locks!


Foil highlights at mojo hair salon in Chorley


Money piece hair colour is the new kid on the block and lets you be bold with your look and experiment with your hair colour without long term commitment. 

Money piece colour is also known as face frame colour - think Gerri Halliwell's obvious blonde strips of blonde hair colour in the 90's. The strips or highlighted pieces of hair can be thick and chunky or thin and subtle - it's up to you!

The highlights are normally a lighter, brighter blonde colour or a bright fashion shade to give a highly contrasting look. You can also have money piece with balayage, caramel-hued money piece highlights, or choose to pair your money piece with a darker shade for a dramatic colour result.

balayage highlights at mojo hair salon in Chorley


There are many techniques and methods in which your colourist can create your balayage, all offering a slightly different result. One of the main reasons balayage has taken the world by storm and remains a top colour choice is that it allows your stylist to select the exact placement of colour and pieces of hair they want to highlight. This is achieved by hand painting the colour directly onto the hair using small, thin brush strokes to produce a bespoke colour to suit the individual. 

Balayage hair colour is applied away from the roots to avoid an obvious regrowth with colour application being focused mainly on the mid lengths and ends. Balayage highlighting is not just for those with blonde hair. It looks gorgeous applied to a rich brunette base colour as well as looking beautiful on red hair.

Balayage is also a great face contouring technique. Lighter colours can be added where more width is needed and darker shades to give the impression of a narrower face!


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