Grey Hair Blending

Grey Hair Colour At Mojo Hair Salon In Chorley, Preston

Grey Hair Colour At Mojo Hair Salon In Chorley, Preston

Are you fed up with looking in the mirror and seeing those extra grey hairs that seem to spring up overnight? Then read on...we have some exciting news for you!

You may have noticed that embracing your natural grey hair can result in a loss of manageability and shine. Your grey hair can have a different, more wiry texture and it can appear dull and lacking in dimension and tone. It may even be prone to developing unwanted yellow or brassy notes. The expert colour technicians at Mojo's hair salon in Chorley can help make your silver, white or grey hair glow!

Naturally grey and white hair has lost all pigment cells in the hair follicle. Professional grey blending helps discreetly disguise your grey hair without eliminating them completely, helping to achieve a natural look. This can be achieved using traditional highlights and lowlights as well as using colour glossing and toners which works to add brightness to dull grey hair. 

Please note: At Mojo’s, our guests’ well-being is paramount. For your safety, we insist on carrying out a skin test 48 hours before colouring services.

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Before & After Transformations

Popular Grey Hair Colours

Silver grey hair colours, salt and pepper grey and the modern "granny grey" are all key trends. Rest assured the expert stylists in Chorley's Mojo hair salon can tailor a grey hair colour to perfectly suit you, your personality, lifestyle and hair type.

Highlights, low lights and face-frame colour are a great way to create a multi-tonal look within the hair. Multiple hair colours are perfect for creating texture and movement. Adding a clear gloss or semi-permanent colour to your locks is a great way to add shine and rejuvenate tired, dull-looking hair. Glossing can be used to add tone to your hair colour and even camouflage grey hair. 

Did you know...? We are also experts at correcting hair colour disasters you may have experienced through home dye kits or elsewhere. 

Get The Best From Grey Hair - Professional Hair Care 

Embracing your natural grey hair can be liberating but grey hair also comes with its own unique set of challenges! If your hair has become wiry, unmanageable, less shiny or developed unwanted yellow tones, you'll be pleased to hear of the latest grey hair care treatments at our Chorley hair salon.

We have a range of professional hair treatments for grey hair which will restore your luscious locks, leaving your hair feeling as good as it looks.

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