Foilayage Hair Colouring

Foilayage Hair Colouring At Mojo Hair Salon In Chorley, Preston

'Foilayage' at Mojo's Hair Salon in Chorley, Greater Manchester delivers a perfect blend of balayage & traditional highlights which deliver brighter, lighter results. Foilayage lets you have fun with your hair colour and gives your colourist the ability to play around with the placement of your highlights to create beautiful pops of colour that compliment your hairstyle perfectly. You can be as bold or as subtle as you wish!

Foilayage is often mistaken for balayage, ombré, root stretch, babylights, reverse balayage, melting, or smudging.  While all methods are variations of creative colouring they deliver different results. Foilayage involves the same sweeping method used in freehand balayage, however, sections of hair are then wrapped in foil highlights instead of being left to air dry. The highlights are often a light blonde colour and applied to the hair in V shapes to ensure a natural root effect which doesn't have an obvious regrowth line as it grows out. You can expect results to last around 6 months before a top-up is needed. 

Foilayage highlights can be scattered throughout the hair for a sun-kissed, natural look or added around the front hairline to frame the face and define your features beautifully. These flattering highlights are weaved very finely or hand-painted directly onto the hair to give multi-dimensional colour. The results are simply stunning!

Please note: At Mojo’s, our guests’ well-being is paramount. For your safety, we insist on carrying out a skin test 48 hours before colouring services.

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Sunkissed Blonde Foilayage

Popular hair colouring techniques for women at Mojo's salon in Chorley include trends like peekaboo colour and money piece highlights. However, we are now seeing many clients opting for a new, more muted version of the look using the foilayage technique which allows your skilled colourist to scatter highlights throughout the hair exactly where you want them.

Foilayage colours for blondes include sun-kissed looks, creamy blondes, warm honey tones as well as platinum blonde and cool, ash blonde colours.

We have gained a reputation as being the best hair colour specialists in Chorley - read our 5-star salon reviews here to see why.

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Foilayage For Brunettes

Foilayage is a great alternative to balayage for brunettes which is more suited to lighter and mid-to-dark blondes. The end result is still natural, with the placement of colour becoming more vibrant as it moves from the roots to the tips of the hair. For soft, multi-dimensional colours opt for hazelnut tones, caramel hues or toffee colours.

We are also experts at correcting hair colour disasters you may have experienced through home dye kits or elsewhere. From creating a subtle change of shade to a complete hair makeover we are confident we can deliver a look you’ll love!

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Lived In Blonde Highlights

For those after a natural lived-in blend of blonde hair colours foilayage is perfect! The foils help speed up the lightening process and create a brighter, more brilliant result. Your talented Mojo colour specialist will create a seamless gradient of colour from root to tip resulting in a low-maintenance hair trend that is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Looking for more blonde hair colour ideas? Check out our Instagram page which is packed full of stunning hair inspo!

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